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Key themes

We recognise that our clients are under increasing pressure to deliver better, more cost effective and sustainable projects. It's innovative solutions that enable us to meet the challenges this poses. Our innovation track record is widely recognised, and finding new and better ways to do things remains a core activity.
We take innovation seriously.


Creative Installations

From demountable venues to the UK's tallest bronze sculpture, special effects for live shows to a glider - we are agile enough to work on an intricate scale as well as major projects.

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Low carbon building

Ramboll is a multi-award winner in sustainable design for the built environment. We have developed a comprehensive 'roadmap' for the integration of sustainable principles into all areas of our business, including project delivery, where we focus achieving substantial embodied and operational carbon savings ... more on low carbon building >

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Computational design

Using computers as the tool and nature as the inspiration, our engineers and technicians are researching the practical application of digital technologies. We look for economic solutions to architectural, structural, fabrication-related and environmental challenges.

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Design culture

In the search for innovative design solutions we are aided by the emphasis we place on design. It is at the heart of what we do. We care about it and nurture it. Design is key to the way we make a difference.

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Natural Water

Our experts have led thinking and best practice in natural water for more than 20 years.

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Ramboll experts contribute to February Policy Position Statement from CIWEM


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