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Computational design

In recent years the tools used by engineers and architects to design buildings have changed. Influenced by developments in advanced 3D modelling, material science and automated fabrication designers are now harnessing the power of the computer to explore the world beyond the boundaries imposed by traditional design approaches.


Ramboll Computational Design

As engineers our challenge is to help architects realise their aspirations in a way that builds on a sound structural logic. At Ramboll we recognise that traditional design approaches are no longer enough if we want to continue to deliver engineering excellence at the highest level. Therefore, in response to the growing computational demands of our projects, in 2011 we launched Ramboll Computational Design (RCD).

Our Approach

RCD is a team of dedicated specialists who use their skills in engineering, architecture, mathematics and computer science to tackle complex challenges in geometry and optimisation. Through research and projects we aim to apply the latest technology to practical situations. By engaging early with the design team we apply technology in a way which is sensitive to the aspirations of the architect. Our goal is to deliver practical solutions to complex problems which are efficient and sustainable.



Ramboll Computational Design Brochure
Ramboll Computational Design brochure
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