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Creative Installations

We work closely with a diverse range of collaborators to produce temporary structures and creative installations to help them realise their ambitions, advising stage and show designers, architects, universities, artists and local boroughs to name just a few. 
Creative installations generate new purpose for existing spaces. Their transformative nature draws people to new places, inspiring public debate and providing the opportunity for us to create something truly unique.

These projects give us the chance to explore ground-breaking concepts, express our creativity and challenge the rules of convention. We regularly assume a leading role on creative installation projects, applying architectural organisation to develop them, testing ideas first-hand and contributing in great detail to the design process.

Years of experience delivering a variety of transitory structures makes us uniquely placed to handle the most challenging design briefs based on our knowledge of digital design, project management, and structural, building services and ground engineering. We have worked on demountable venues, the UK’s tallest bronze sculpture, special effects for live performances, and even a glider.

Frequently designed and constructed within tight timescales, our involvement in such schemes drives us toward creative solutions using our instinctive design skills. We sometimes initiate these creative projects ourselves, as with the London Funnel, demonstrating the tenacity to drive a project from the seed of an idea through to putting in the last bolt. These projects frequently test our research and inform future ideas. 

Find out more about our these unique projects in our Creative Installations brochure.