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Design culture

Ramboll promotes innovative thought and we invest in R&D, training and advanced technologies. But in the search for innovative solutions we are also aided by the emphasis that we place on design. Design is at the heart of what we do – we care about it and nurture it. Design is key to the way we make a difference.


Innovation through design

Design matters at Ramboll. We are passionate about it. Design matters in all areas of our work, and we approach the tasks at hand with imagination and a certain determination to find the best solution, backed by the incredible depth of technical knowledge in the practice.

Here are some of the attributes that characterise our approach.

Great design doesn't happen by accident. It takes hard work to explore potential opportunities. But we embrace hard work – we know that great ideas can emerge through persistence.

We value communication. From the simplest idea to the most complex, we look for the best ways to communicate what we are doing with clarity and completeness.

Liking to be challenged
Every design problem is different, so conventional thinking should always be questioned. The spirit of innovation thrives when there are challenges to be met, and imagining new possibilities makes things achievable.

Making is always the ultimate goal: we are practical. We always ask ourselves whether there is a better way to build it. Time and again, our approach to design has made projects not only achievable but cost effective and efficient.

An eye for detail
All the details of our design work are resolved fully. We ensure that ideas realise their full potential, knowing that this can be what makes a design beautiful.

Believing that design matters
We are passionate about design because we believe that it matters. Every project is a chance to exceed expectations, and every design is a commitment to contribute to the community.