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Low carbon building

Ramboll is a multi-award winner in sustainable design. We take our responsibilities in the construction industry seriously, focusing on de-carbonisation through achieving substantial carbon savings in the projects we work on. We also take a rigorous approach to limiting our own operational CO2 output.


An integrated approach to low carbon building

Our 'sustainable roadmap' sets out our commitment to carbon savings and to supporting the creation of sustainable communities through project delivery.
Roadmap topics include: Creating sustainable communities, Reducing embodied carbon, Moving towards zero carbon, Lean engineering, Natural resources management, Low and zero carbon energy and Running sustainable operating environments ... read on >
Through lean design, the use of renewable and recycled materials and ongoing research into sustainable construction techniques, we are generating significant embodied CO2 savings. Read about de-carbonisation in relation to: Setting project-based sustainability targets, Research, development and innovation and Our own operational CO2 savings ... read on >
Since 2009 laboratory testing has been conducted at The University of Bath to develop a modern lime-concrete, which will utilise hydraulic lime, in combination with waste-products from modern industrial processes, to create a low energy, low carbon and durable lime-concrete, with a strength and setting time suitable for structural applications such as beams, slabs and columns ... read on>