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Foundation donations

Each year, the Ramboll Foundation grants financial support to the following three areas:

  • Research, studies and education
  • Current and former employees and their families in difficult situations
  • Humanitarian aid

Over the past five years, the Ramboll Foundation has donated an average of DKK 3.6 million a year. In 2014, the donations amounted to DKK 7,078,000. Financial support was given to ten different projects within the following areas.

Donations in 2014

Research, studies and education

  • Peter Collin: convenorship of the new versions of Eurocode 4-2, Composite Bridges SEK 500.000.
  • DTU Solar Decathlon: international competition of low electricity houses DKK 1.000.000.
  • Zeppelin University: enhancing blue-green and social performance in high density urban environments DKK 4.000.000.
  • Rambøll Norge – Lavkarbsem: research project regarding the development of environmental cement that may contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions DKK 169.891.


  • Design of Wooden Wind Turbine: the aim of the project is to run a small workshop in Brazil where they will teach developing communities how to construct small scale wind turbines DKK 145.207.
  • Engineers Without Boarders (EWB), Sweden: engineering projects with focus on improvement of education facilities for children and youth in disadvantaged communities, mainly in Africa. DKK 296.372.
  • Rebuilding Streetlight in Tacloban – Philippines catastrophe: contribution to the recovery of housing in Tacloban following 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan, i.e. building evidence for what works best in post-disaster recovery DKK 168.977.
  • Jaco Boase –Research project to investigate what works best in a post-disaster recovery DKK 147.970.
  • Danmarks Indsamlingen: DKK 250.000.
  • Engineers without borders (IUG), Denmark: EWB contributes to the establishment of a residential building and a training center in the children's village Malandaghi in India In addition, EWB will function as building adviser to the establishment of a therapy building for disabled people in Bolivia DKK 500.000.

Donations in 2013

Research studies and education:

  • Juha Forsman RFI – variability of mass soil: DKK 375,000
  • DTU kr. 1,800,000


  • B.J Rambøll pris – fib conference 2015: DKK 30,000
  • Three Peaks Challange: DKK 13,000


  • Danmarks Indsamlingen til Støtte for Afrika: DKK 250,000
  • Ingeniør uden Grænser – Ghana: DKK 290,000
  • Engineers Without Borders, Norway: DKK 504,000
  • Terre Des Homme: DKK 200,000
  • Læger uden Grænser, Denmark – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Finnish Red Cross – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Red R UK – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Red Crescent, Dubai – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Streetlight Norway – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Unicef, Sweden – Philippines catastrophe: DKK 100,000
  • Aluna Foundation: DKK 628,000
  • Nasjonalforeningen for Folkehelsen – demens: DKK 93,000

Donations in 2012 

Donations in 2011

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