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Social responsibility

Ramboll UK and its engineers are involved in a number of projects round the world designed to help communities in need — often focused on post-conflict reconstruction and disaster relief. In addition, our engineers regularly take part in charitable fundraising events and volunteer projects.
Equiano Centre, Sierra Leone

Post-conflict reconstruction

Learning and literacy projects
Sierra Leone
Our commitment to deliver pro bono engineering services for a library in Sierra Leone has led to a larger project, helping establish literacy facilities throughout the country ... more >

Literacy projects in Sierra Leone

Post-conflict reconstruction

NCLC Hospital & Afghan Centre of Medical Education
Kabul, Afghanistan
A Ramboll engineer designed a new hospital for Kabul and travelled there to oversee its construction. The completed hospital is recognised as one of the best hospitals in the city, approved by UN agencies and local authorities ... more >

Kabul Family Hospital

Disaster relief

Rebuilding a village
Costa Rica, El Salvador
In 2004, eight Imperial College students and a Ramboll UK engineer helped rebuild the village of Costa Rica in rural El Salvador, which was devastated by earthquakes in 2001 ... more >

Rebuilding a village in El Salvador