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Ramboll UK
240 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NW
United Kingdom

T +44 20 7631 5291
Ramboll 240 Blackfriars. Credit AHMM & Timothy Soar

Ramboll in the UK

Ramboll UK headquarters is located in central London and we have offices all over the country. We are a multidisciplinary, team-focused organisation, offering access to the skills and expertise of our specialists throughout. Our regional offices have the additional advantage of considerable local knowledge.

Contact information is provided on each of the office pages. Alternatively, you could contact us through one of our directors, all of whom are listed on the People page.

Ramboll UK Limited Registered in England & Wales Company registration no. 03659970
Registered office: 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW


Dan Harvey. Ramboll
Executive Director, Transport
T+44 20 7631 5291

Location of the London office