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Ramboll UK
2nd floor
18 St Andrew's Crescent
South Glamorgan
CF10 3DD, United Kingdom

Phone +44 (0)7775 001543
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The Ramboll team in Cardiff provides a committed local presence for the South Wales marketplace. We can offer the full range of Ramboll's services in the UK with particular expertise in civil engineering, infrastructure and transport, drainage, waste, CDM and flood risk assessment. We deliver projects regionally and nationally within the government, commercial, education, leisure and residential sectors.

— Culture of enquiry promotes innovation
— Focus on long term client value
— Close integration of disciplines
— Delivering at national and international level

"When it comes to optimised engineering design, efficiency and sustainability are closely linked.
Uniting our design intelligence on these two themes leads to better solutions that are both cost effective and beneficial to the community."

Richard Hird, Director

Recent clients include
Mercia Waste Management, Persimmon Homes (Wales) Ltd, Anchormill Homes, Sainsbury's Supermarkets,
Northumbria Health Trust


Richard Hird
T+44 (0) 7852 451487