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Room 14, Building 75
RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57, Cyprus
T +357 25276308 or +357 25276427
F +44 845 299 1610

Cyprus office
In Cyprus we have a long history of successfully delivering a diverse range of projects for the UK government's Ministry of Defence (British Forces). Our wide-reaching portfolio includes accommodation, healthcare and education projects along with marine, aviation, antennae and high security works. We have also worked on a number of specialist installations, such as explosives storage facilities.

Projects are engineered and project managed by our experienced consultants in Cyprus. We provide a range of multi-disciplinary services on the island, and we work in collaboration with our specialist colleagues in other Ramboll offices where appropriate.

"Our expertise and capabilities enable us to provide effective client solutions in all disciplines,
with an increasing awareness of environmental and sustainable practices."

Bill Power, Regional Director

Main client ... UK Ministry of Defence


We have two offices in Cyprus. The one shown here is located in HQ British Forces Cyprus at Episkopi,
which is a 40 minute drive from Larnaka Airport. There is ample parking.