Global collaboration for international soil, sediment and groundwater conference

16 June 2017
A number of Ramboll Environment & Health (REH) experts will present and exhibit at AquaConSoil 2017 in Lyon, France on 26-30th June.

This year marks the 14th international AquaConSoil conference, attracting professionals from research institutes and universities, government organisations and consultancies across the globe to discuss the latest developments in the sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and groundwater resources. A number of lecture and poster sessions will take place, as well as technical courses and an exhibition. For more information, visit the AquaConSoil 2017 website.

REH will give several oral and poster presentations and host workshop sessions:

Oral presentations:

  • Passive flux samplers – comparison of methods and possibilities - Lars Bennedsen (Denmark)
  • Transport of hazardous goods and the threat towards the catchment area of Odense - Britt Boye Thrane (Denmark)
  • Ecosystem benefits generated by environmental interventions: a case study - Giorgia Quadri, Elisa Bizzotto (Italy)
  • When it has to be done again: challenges with a remediated legacy site - Ariane Ancel (France)
  • Is sustainable remediation storing up environmental problems for the future? - Matthew Pannett (UK)
  • Review of UK land gas protection - lessons for the future - Hannah Lewis (UK)
  • Source zone in situ biostimulation and bioaugmentation of elevated concentrations of chlorinated ethenes in groundwater - Laurie LaPat (USA)

Workshop session: Emerging issues with PFAS risk assessment

Co-chaired by Dorte Harrekilde (Denmark), Hans Bengtsson (Denmark) and Marianne Wilton (the Netherlands), this workshop will include presentations on the following topics, followed by a group discussion on best practice and experiences.

  • PFAS sources and issues. What are PFAS and precursors and what are their characteristics? Where do they come from? What happens when PFAS are emitted to the environment?
  • Toxicology and ecotoxicology. Where do we find PFAS and which human and ecological exposure route is the most critical? Why do the threshold values vary between countries? What are the regulatory drivers?
  • State of the practice – analytical methods and treatment options. Which PFAS can be analysed in environmental samples and which methods are available in your country? How much do we actually know about treatment options and how effective are they? What do you think is the expected way forward?

Poster presentations:

  • Indoor air and cfd-modelling - Jakob Washington Skovsgaard, Hans Bengtsson (Denmark)
  • Ecological risk assessment for a contaminated sediment site - Elisa Bizzotto, Sara Ceccon (Italy)
  • Sustainable management of anthropic backfill materials: a technical proposal to overcome the impracticability of the new Italian rules - Daniele Susanni, Sara Ceccon (Italy)
  • Goal setting of groundwater remediation in an old industrial area - Case Härmälänranta in Tampere Finland - Juha Parviainen, Jukka Huppunen, Tarja Simonen (Finland)
  • Characterisation of a former and reactive industrial landfill via non-intrusive investigations and core sampling - Ariane Ancel (France)
  • Onsite ex-situ washing of multi-contaminated soils: design and implementation for the remediation of a large industrial site - Thomas Perrier (France)
  • Site investigation, sustainable remediation and ecological restoration - a framework for evaluation - Mark Nielsen (USA)
  • Application of biostimulation and bioaugmentation to promote in situ biodegradation of chlorinated ethenes in complex hydrology - Laurie LaPat (USA)

We’ll also be exhibiting at AquaConSoil so if you’re attending, come visit us at our stand to learn more about our multidisciplinary approach to achieving sustainable solutions for the management of contaminated land.

For more information about our participation, contact Olivier Correge.


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