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Sustainability in historic places of worship

Advice and guidance on protecting and regenerating historic environments with integrity and subtlety, including information from The Church of England and Historic England 
University of Manchester Library: The Historic Reading Room of The John Rylands Library

Delivering on some of the country’s most precious and prized heritage buildings and landscapes, Ramboll’s Conservation Accredited engineers and archaeologists work closely across our multidisciplinary business to create efficient and exacting structural and building services solutions. Our first class reputation in this field means clients trust us to achieve the best outcomes for their projects.

An understanding of current legislation and the principles of conservation best-practice are essential for the successful repair, alteration and adaptation of historic buildings and infrastructure. Our engineering interventions in historic contexts combine elegance, honesty and subtlety and our heritage specialists tackle projects holistically; integrating expertise from various other in-house specialists.

Addressing the issues of building conservation and energy efficiency in historic buildings can be a complex challenge. Ramboll’s building services engineers produce environmental strategies and engineering system designs to create efficient, comfortable buildings in which the structure and engineering systems work cooperatively. We strive to integrate modern building services seamlessly and sensitively into building fabric, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Working with historic buildings and environments requires specialist knowledge and a sensitive approach. Ramboll’s engineering consultants and archaeologists are highly experienced in all aspects of heritage work, providing services that enable the successful protection and regeneration of historic environments.

The services we offer include:

  • Specialist building services consultancy
  • Structural conservation engineering
  • Archaeological consultancy

View related links below for advice and guidance from The Church of England and Historic England as well as a short film by the Environmental Engagement Programme.


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