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Supporting the world’s largest telescope. Conceiving the world’s longest road and rail tunnel. Masterplanning cities in developing countries. Pioneering the use of Cross Laminated Timber. Designing the world’s first tilting bridge. Driving low carbon heating. Creating the world’s quietest and lowest vibration building. Discovering new species of bats. Championing the world’s first tidal powered moon clock. Our eclectic portfolio is testament to the diversity and mix of skills and experiences of our people, underpinned by our Project Excellence programme which is dedicated to providing clients with world class project management competencies and the very best results.  

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Image Courtesy of British Antarctic Survey.  RRS-Sir-David-Attenborough.
Queensferry Crossing
Ramboll. Tate Modern extension. Image: Daniel Shearing.
Ramboll. The Lighthouse Building. Image: Daniel Shearing
Hammersmith Flyover strenghtening system April 2016. Ramboll
Judges on a site visit to the Bermondsey Dive Under for the London Awards 2017. Image courtesy of ICE London
The Whitworth
The Mersey Gateway. © Knight Architects
Ramboll - National Graphene Institute
A380 South Devon Highway. Designed by Ramboll