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We are committed to excellence and innovation in acoustic design and noise control. Our acoustics team provides a global service in acoustics for the built environment that is unsurpassed in its field. 
ICE Krakow Concert Hall 1, during 'Sinfonietta Cracovia'
Ramboll offers acoustic consultancy services in a wide range of sectors, including:
  • education — all stages from primary to tertiary
  • culture — concert halls, theatres, opera houses, music schools, museums
  • health — hospitals, medical schools, community medical facilities
  • commercial buildings — offices, hotels, residential projects
  • environment — noise and vibration measurement, mapping, assessments, underwater acoustics
  • transport — road, rail and air infrastructure, building design
We undertake acoustic projects of all scales and types, applying our recognised expertise and depth of technical knowledge in every case. We are leaders in acoustic design and innovation in education settings such as schools and universities, and advisers to the UK government on acoustics in schools.

Environmental acoustics is a key area of interest and we offer a consultancy service for transportation projects, land development, industrial complexes and construction work.

As part of our approach to acoustic design, we encourage people to experience the potential acoustic environment of the projects they commission through listening to aural demonstrations in our Immersive Sound Studio during the design process. This is effective for many types of projects — from railway stations to recital halls.

We also undertake collaborative acoustics research. With the University of Cambridge, we are exploring the interaction between architecture, musical composition and acoustics in historic venues. By contrast, we are researching the acoustics of outdoor urban spaces with the University of Sheffield, looking for ways to enhance acoustic experience and mitigate noise with the help of Soundscaping.

Ramboll is a pioneer in acoustic modelling and is part of the consortium responsible for the development of Odeon, the industry standard software for the computer modelling of internal spaces.

Illustration: Main Auditorium at the Krakow Congress Centre.


Director, Acoustics
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Ramboll. Paul Driscoll. Image: Paulina Sobczak Photography
Paul Driscoll
Project Director
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