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Facade engineering

The façade is the primary moderator of the environment for all buildings, whatever the scale, significantly influencing energy performance and user comfort. To perform successfully, façades need engineering — structurally, thermally and in detail. We offer strong analytical skills and extensive practical knowledge of materials and how façades are made.


An integrated service

The façade engineering team works as an integral part of project design teams. We work closely with architects, structural and services engineers, environmental and sustainability consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and installation specialists to deliver high performance solutions. We also supply extensive services to design groups within Ramboll as part of the company's integrated multi-disciplinary approach.

Among the key skills we bring to design teams is detailed analysis that helps achieve client aims specifically. By bringing the focus to the building's envelope at appropriate project stages, highly efficient solutions can be reached, particularly in relation to thermal performance and structural design.

Further skills we bring include a wide knowledge of commercial products and systems, which aids cost comparison and specification, and the ability to customise or create new detailing. We have extensive experience in full-scale testing and performance analysis of materials and products, and we are committed to research. We continue to contribute to UK and European development programmes covering materials, component design and procurement.

A synthesis of structure, performance and materials

In determining how to make a particular façade, our engineers draw on an impressive depth of experience in the combining of structure, thermal performance measures and the use of materials and the interfaces between them. The twin aims of achieving water-tightness and air-tightness underpin our work to realise a design effectively.

A well-designed façade contributes substantially to the low-energy credentials of a building through attention to air-tightness and thermal performance, since heat loss and heat gain are primary energy-use issues. We work closely with building services, environmental and sustainability colleagues, ensuring that a building's façade is an integral part of its energy strategy.

This synthesis of aesthetics, structure, performance and materials is directly applicable to projects of all scales in all climates. Our focus is on the details that make a difference.