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Mechanical engineering

At Ramboll, we select the mechanical engineering systems that will fulfil the purpose, function and client aspirations for each of our projects, and integrate them into a holistic design. We combine experience and innovation to deliver designs appropriate to the scheme that are energy efficient and cost effective.

Ramboll has the skills and solutions to improve HVAC and climate systems

Integrated expertise

We believe mechanical engineering is the art of bringing a building to life. It is the heart, lungs, circulation and nervous systems of a building. We work in close collaboration with all our design partners, drawing on our extensive skills and using our creativity, to supply systems that unite engineering expertise with innovation.

We strive to ensure all our recommendations are energy efficient, appropriate and cost effective, for capital and whole-life costs.

Using the latest digital design software and methods we offer advisory services, design, project management, site supervision and post-installation services for all aspects of mechanical engineering solutions. Our expertise includes:

  • Building services
  • Industrial environment
  • Data centres
  • Waste-to-energy projects
  • District heating installations
  • Ice storage systems
  • Seasonal energy storage systems

Around the globe

At Vestas Blade Technology Centre on the Isle of Wight, UK, we provided multidisciplinary services for a wind turbine testing facility. Mechanical engineering was important in a complex that has achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. It includes prototyping and testing halls, each more than 7,000m2 in area.

Kings Bastion Pumping Station, Gibraltar, increases the capacity of the existing wastewater infrastructure. Our engineers faced the challenges of construction close to a heritage structure, through reclaimed land with a high tidal water table.

For York Engineers Triangle, a UK Network Rail campus, we targeted a minimum BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’. The design incorporates a combined heating, cooling and power plant.

A new power station at Mount Pleasant on West Falkland supplies electrical power and hot water. Mechanical engineering was part of our multidisciplinary service to the client.

Shared knowledge

We share knowledge across the worldwide Ramboll group to derive the best possible mechanical engineering designs. The extensive network of expertise across our offices provides in-depth and current information, guaranteeing quality of system design and client satisfaction.

Extensive network of expertise

To give our customers the best possible return on their investments, we share knowledge across the Ramboll organisation. This means that we always have direct access to an extensive network of expertise which guarantees quality and totality in our consultancy services.

Ramboll services cover:

  • Sanitary systems
  • Heating systems
  • Fire safety systems
  • Gas and air pressure
  • Cooling systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Automation
  • Exterior HVAC systems
  • Design management
  • Planning, analyses and programming
  • Project administration and project management
  • Technical construction management
  • Facility management
  • Status control
  • Validation and verification
  • Integration
  • Field studies


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