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Project management

Ramboll’s experienced team of project managers and BIM and CDM co-ordinators understand the challenges of the construction industry’s many complex inter-related processes. We are skilled in risk and opportunity simulation, value engineering, contract administration and project financial management and adept at steering projects efficiently through all relevant codes, regulations and legislation.

Ramboll supplies project and construction management services for all types of building, industrial and civil engineering projects

Key strengths

Our project management services cover the whole project, from inception to completion. We treat each project as unique and we maintain momentum, which we see as two of the keys to project success. Ramboll helps clients to maintain control of every aspect — quality, cost, programme, delivery and safety.

Our professional, collaborative and inclusive management style promotes effective working relationships between all parties. We work internationally and our project management team are delivering projects worldwide, often in remote overseas locations.

Refining our management expertise and techniques is an ongoing and iterative process. We are continually growing our skills, and incorporating the benefits of these refinements into future projects.

Services we deliver include:

•  Project planning
•  Assessment/feasibility studies
•  Value engineering
•  Contract tendering
•  Multidisciplinary bids
•  Design management
•  Bid management
•  Contract administration
•  Programme management
•  Supply chain management
•  Stakeholder management plans

Added value

Ramboll’s project management team provides a single point of contact for clients and contractors. We drive down project costs by using our knowledge of key markets and by ensuring that we have a detailed understanding of the client’s brief.

Our project managers are multi-skilled professionals drawn from many design disciplines and as a result we understand all aspects of the design process. Effective use of BIM is an integral part of our approach.

Our extensive knowledge of contractual arrangements and the overseas construction market enables us rapidly to build teams and deliver projects in some of the most distant and inaccessible locations.

Project and construction management

We supply project and construction management services for all types of building, industrial and civil engineering projects. From civil engineering, industry and infrastructure to real estate, construction law and environmental management, we provide the following services:

  • Construction management
  • Project programming
  • Design management
  • Procurement/purchasing
  • Installation management
  • Quality management
  • Inspections
  • Property development
  • Time and cost control
  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TEDD)
  • Construction and contracting legal support
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental quality and work environment management
  • Environmental control and strategic environmental advice
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction supervision
  • Requirement/operational analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Alternative evaluation
  • Financial project control
  • Time planning
  • Organising of project contracting
  • Organising of quality assurance
  • Organising of the building process
  • Assistance in choosing operational organisation


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