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Ramboll has wide-ranging expertise in the refurbishment sector. New buildings add only one percent to the building stock each year, so the remaining 99 percent require regular refurbishment to meet the ever-changing demands of society. Working closely with clients, we ensure existing building refurbishments are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Roskilde Cathedral is on the World Heritages List. Ramboll has designed the new roof construction for the historical cathedral.

Update and up-value

Our clients’ aspirations within the refurbishment sector vary as widely as the solutions we offer and include improving marketability, retrofitting sustainable solutions, renovating, remodelling and adding floor space. Ramboll’s tailored approach to each individual project is key to achieving excellent results.

Our response is to study the history and condition of each building so that adaptations are informed by value. We thereby allow the buildings themselves to inspire our decisions. With the existing building’s potential fully understood, we rigorously evaluate the options for modifications and alterations in order to generate comprehensive value-based solutions.

Historic buildings

Historically significant buildings and monuments require clear identification and repair of sensitive features.
Our Heritage & Archaeology team has unrivalled specialist knowledge in this area. Ramboll has worked on many internationally important historic buildings and sites. By co-operating with historic building protection authorities we have provided solutions that are sympathetic to the building fabric and minimise irreversible interventions.

Added value

With proficiency in the many skills required for refurbishment, we can add value to many aspects of a project’s design.

Our services include:

• Assessments of building services life and energy efficiency
• Building fabric assessment
• Structural frame materials and capacity studies
• Façade investigations
• Foundation re-use
• Fire assessment for building occupancy assessment
• Laser Aided Modelling (LAM) to enable BIM modelling of existing buildings
• Technical due diligence


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