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Technical due diligence

Ramboll’s Technical Due Diligence services offer advice for prospective and existing building owners or users on asset quality, physical condition and development viability. We can also act as client consultants during development, acting as advisors on technical matters in design and construction.

Technical due diligence gives an independent, third party assessment of the science and technology associated with new and emerging enterprises and projects

Comprehensive expertise

With specialists in a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines, Ramboll provides comprehensive expertise for clients in identifying and quantifying risk before the purchase or acquisition of buildings and land assets.

We offer a range of services, including:

•  Inspection of technical documentation
•  Principal construction risk assessment
•  Utility investigation
•  Below ground infrastructure searches
•  Building services condition assessment
•  Building fabric investigation and condition assessment
•  Environmental risk assessment
•  Flood risk assessment
•  Ecological studies
•  Transport assessment
•  Acoustic studies
•  Archaeological searches
•  Operational cost analysis

Site selection for technical due diligence projects

Ramboll knows that the selection of a viable location is of vital importance, especially for risk-sensitive developments. Site selection has to meet the challenge of finding the balance between a site that is appropriate, economically viable and suitable for development, as well as having an acceptable environmental impact. Our approach is to highlight the opportunities and constraints against the spatial and functional requirements of a project.

Our specialist engineers and consultants offer clients design advice on site infrastructure layouts, building locations and planning considerations. Our integrated and co-ordinated service enables financial viability appraisal and risk assessment.


Post acquisition we can provide clients with a full complement of engineering and scientific services to release major developments. We work in close collaboration with architects, regulatory authorities, and planners to ensure that legislative requirements are fulfilled and environmental and traffic impacts are measured.


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