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Waste-to-energy is one of the cornerstones of any efficient waste management system and a way to secure energy supplies for the future. Waste is turned into climate friendly energy for the benefit of both people and the environment.

Energy Tower (KARA/NOVEREN), Roskilde, Denmark

A waste-to-energy facility may generate a range of outputs: electricity, district heating, steam for industrial processes, desalinated seawater or even district cooling. In this way, residual waste that cannot be recycled in an economic or environmentally beneficial way becomes a valuable local source of energy. Additionally, in most configurations, waste-to-energy facilities outperform alternative waste treatment processes in terms of their carbon footprint and other impacts on the environment.

Oslo waste-to-energy facility (EGE), Norway

World-class waste-to-energy consultancy

Ramboll is internationally recognised as the world-leading waste-to-energy consultancy. We can provide our clients with well-considered advice throughout all phases of the project – from idea to reality – based on our comprehensive experience from waste-to-energy projects all over the world.

Ramboll has worked on waste-to-energy projects in 40 countries around the world, providing consulting services for 130 new units and retrofits.

Ramboll is internationally recognised as the world-leading waste-to-energy consultancy

Unique waste-to-energy capabilities

It is our knowledge and experience of how to best plan, procure and manage the implementation of waste-to-energy projects, in combination with our technical knowledge of mechanical and electrical equipment that is our unique set of capabilities.

We have 60 dedicated waste-to-energy project managers and specialists with in-depth knowledge of processes, technologies, suppliers and facility operation. In addition, we have 100 staff working with other aspects of waste-to-energy projects, including civil works, waste and energy planning, district heating, environment and authority liaison.

Waste crane

The combination of our experience and expertise means that we can provide no-learning-curve client support at every step of the project.

Ramboll always provides truly independent advice. As a matter of policy, we never work for suppliers of waste-to-energy.

For a description of other waste management services than waste-to-energy, visit Waste.

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Using waste as a resource brochure
Using waste as a resource

Waste as a resource (PDF, 1,57 MB)

Waste as a resource (Online Publication)

Waste to energy in Denmark
Waste-to-Energy in Denmark

The most efficient waste management system in Europe


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100 Years of Waste Incineration in Denmark
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Interview: How to transform waste into sustainable solutions
On a global scale, waste in cities is a major source of pollution and a sustainable way to handle waste is crucial to further urban development.

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Bettina Kamuk - watch interview
Interview, 21st Century Business TV

Converting waste to energy: It is Ramboll's goal to support sustainable development and minimize reliance on fossil fuels.

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Visualisation of Waste-to-Energy Facility
Watch visualisation video of Waste-to-Energy Facility in Rotterdam, NL
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Model waste-to-energy facility

Take a virtual tour around a model waste-to-energy facility


BIOMA brochure

Ramboll is the sole licensor in Denmark and Sweden of BIOMA, a software tool for determining the carbon origin in waste treated at waste-to-energy plants.

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Waste to Energy reference list
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New Waste-to-Energy Facilities and Units


Ramboll's Global Energy from Waste Division is represented in Denmark, the UK, Switzerland, and Sweden. These are your contacts:
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