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Wind energy

Wind energy production constitutes over 2.5% of total worldwide electricity usage and is growing rapidly at more than 25% per annum. A key advantage of wind power is that it is a renewable source of power with close to zero emissions and limited impact on the environment.

Sarepta onshore wind farm, Norway. Photo credits: Sarepta
Since Ramboll developed the first wind turbines in 1986 we have rapidly expanded our involvement in wind energy projects all over the world.

As well as being undisputed leader in the offshore wind sector, involved in over 65% of global projects, Ramboll also works extensively on onshore wind projects.

Wind energy expertise in all project stages

With our international, multidisciplinary and wind energy specific competencies, we are a full-range service provider in wind energy projects, and Ramboll offers comprehensive expert services for the different project stages  from early feasibility, business case and impact assessment studies to planning, engineering, implementation, commissioning and the subsequent operation & maintenance.
Substation at Anholt offshore wind farm, Denmark

Ramboll can effectively manage the entire project or contribute with our expertise in different sub-projects according to our customer’s need. We provide a “one-stop-shop” consultancy with global knowledge centres, but with a network of offices and resources to serve our clients locally.

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Bessaker wind farm, Norway


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