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Environment & Health

Environmental risk is complex and wide-ranging.
We provide the expertise that enables our clients to negotiate the full spectrum of associated risk efficiently and with confidence, protecting the value of their assets. 
Our environmental consultants are scientists and engineers with considerable long-term experience in the field of consultancy, working with developers, industry, planners and other relevant authorities.

Communication is an integral aspect of our service: we clarify and decode environmental issues, provide analysis and documentation, and often represent our clients to regulators and to stakeholders.

The knowledge of our environmental consultancy team encompasses commercial and legislative contexts, and in providing options for our clients we always pay due regard to both. Our aim is always to implement good environmental practice in ways that are economically viable.

We are asked to advise at the earliest stages of project planning and during construction, site operation and aftercare, depending on the nature of the project. Work incorporates environmental risk assessment and strategy, due diligence, remediation, pollution control and contingency planning. Predictive modelling, as well as testing and analysis where relevant, helps inform our recommendations.

In addition, the reports and documentation we regularly provide include:
  • environmental impact assessment (EIA) and associated technical studies (eg., ecology, noise, air quality)
  • flood risk assessment
  • ground investigation services (geotechnical and environmental)
  • hydrological and hydrogeological studies
  • generic contaminated land assessment and detailed quantitative human health and controlled waters risk assessment
  • ground gas risk assessment


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