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Compliance, Strategy, Transaction Services

In the UK, Ramboll Environ has vast experience advising businesses on the environmental, health & safety (EHS) and sustainability issues that affect them at start up, during acquisitions, at maturity and at divestiture. We have a reputation for supporting clients by protecting their brand reputation, increasing financial performance and minimising risk throughout their operational lifecycle.

Corporate Advisory Services

We help businesses identify issues, achieve compliance and develop management systems to ensure that compliance is maintained. We help them scan the horizon for future challenges and develop strategies to improve overall EHS and sustainability performance, by reducing resource and energy consumption, enhancing waste minimisation, and managing social and governance issues, both in their own operations and further down their supply chains. We also help clients report their performance to stakeholders, be they staff, customers, investors or other interested parties.

Ramboll Environ brings more than 25 years of experience of supporting clients during transactions, whether seeking to avoid assuming unwanted liabilities at acquisition or protecting asset value at divestiture.

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