Building Performance and Property Loss

Ramboll's specialists assist clients with all areas of building performance, from maximising energy efficiency to assuring occupants’ health and safety.

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Asbestos Advisory Services
In general, asbestos containing materials (ACM) do not represent hazards if kept in good condition and left undisturbed. However, various factors affect the integrity of the products including air flow, vibration and accessibility. Routine maintenance activities or renovation/demolition may also disturb ACMs, depending on their nature.

The UK’s Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 place stringent regulatory requirements and standards on the duty holder. Ramboll Environment & Health has experts who can guide and assist you through the CAR compliance process and provide services such as training, gap analysis and asbestos management plans (AMP).

Building Energy Performance
Energy use in buildings can have a major impact on costs and overall carbon footprint. We help clients understand how their properties perform against industry benchmarks and identify effective energy and carbon-saving measures. We identify and assist with the implementation of basic energy management techniques, such as monitoring and targeting, which often present no-cost or quick payback energy-saving opportunities.

The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) required EU member states to establish a system to create energy performance certificates (EPC) and display energy certificates (DEC) for certain buildings, as well as to survey of air conditioning systems and heating boilers. We provide these services, working with clients with property portfolios to help them ensure full compliance. With the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) taking effect in England and Wales from 2018 and in Scotland from September 2016, we are providing clients with the ability to ensure that assets do not become unlettable and effectively stranded by failing to meet the minimum E grade (on an A to G scale). Our technical expertise enables clients to identify the most cost-effective way to ensure continuous compliance as the regulations change.

Energy procurement
Our team of dedicated professionals helps clients understand and manage utility data and costs. Our cloud-based app provides clients with easy access to their processed usage data, giving them control of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting and enabling fast and effective tendering of utility supply contracts. As an independent consultancy, we seek out supply sources that offer value for money and features such as automatic meter reading, electronic invoicing, allocated supplier account managers and contractual terms of business to suit the client’s business.

Health & safety
Property owners and investors often outsource real estate management and operational risk to property agents and supply chains, notwithstanding the property owner retains ultimate legal responsibility in relation to health & safety. Whilst supply chain partners will often have good corporate policies in place, there is no guarantee that these are being well implemented at a property level. Employing Ramboll to review the health & safety performance of real estate supply chains is a powerful and effective way of identifying real risk issues, raising awareness within client and supply chain organisations, trends across a portfolio and helping direct proportionate focus towards continual improvement. Our review approach supports collaboration with and between supply chain partners, all of whom are seeking the same goal of keeping people safe from harm.


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