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Improved environmental and health and safety (EHS) management can improve compliance with legislation, reduce liabilities and create economic value and competitive advantage.

Ramboll Environment & Health: EHS Management

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Ramboll offers an outstanding combination of technical, regulatory, management and training expertise to help companies successfully implement strategic and operational EHS risk management programmes across a broad range of sectors. We provide critical assistance to our clients in:

  • Undertaking corporate or site based auditing programmes and benchmarking current compliance status and performance against legislation and best practice
  • Determining applicable current and emerging legislation and policy and advising on how to comply
  • Implementing and maintaining management systems designed to meet international standards such as ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 or a client’s specific requirements
  • Training at all levels of an organisation
  • Evaluating EHS investments to ensure cost-effective risk management

EHS compliance auditing
We routinely support corporate EHS audit programmes by planning and delivering multiple site audits across the world to a consistently high standard and plan and deliver site and corporate level corrective action programmes.

EHS management systems

We help clients to meet EHS compliance, customer requirements, reduce costs and provide competitive advantage. Management systems can be designed to international EHS and energy management standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 or can be developed to meet internal requirements. This includes helping clients to implement and transition to the revised versions of the standards, and to integrate two or more management systems.

EHS permitting and licensing

We help organisations at every stage of permitting, licensing or registration, including in the UK, with Part A or B Environmental Permits (under IPPC and future IED requirements), Trade Effluent Discharge Consents and COMAH registration to:
  • Determine whether or not a facility or process requires a permit or license
  • Liaise with the regulator prior to the application
  • Write a permit or license application or variation
  • Audit and advise on complying with an existing permit or licence
  • Surrender a licence


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Company registration

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