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Sustainability objectives differ depending on needs and expectations of the business, its investors, the market place and wider stakeholder concerns. To balance regulatory requirements, operational demands, resource availability, product safety and innovation with ethical supply, consumer trends and customer satisfaction is challenging. It requires strategic thinking and a range of integrated skills to ensure compliance, implement change and maintain a leading edge. 
Sustainability London Gateway

Ramboll Environ applies proven expertise, integrating strategic consulting with technical and scientific knowledge across key sustainability areas, including:

Sustainability strategy and policy
Climate risk and resilience
Carbon/GHG and energy management
EHSS integrated compliance
Resource and waste management
Water stewardship
Product stewardship and LCA
Green buildings
Ecosystem services and biodiversity
Social accountability
Sustainable supply chain
Data and information systems
Corporate reporting and assurance
Bespoke assurance and compliance

Sustainability strategy

We help to align corporate objectives to meet increasingly stringent stakeholder expectations, identifying boundaries and issues of greatest importance or materiality, to help a company develop its position accordingly. From this our work extends to the development of key objectives and targets, supporting clients in the implementation of positive actions to demonstrate achievement and performance. Benchmarking within sector is a useful tool in pursuit of best practice and forms part of the strategy approach which can be fortified with constructive stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Data/information management

Our information solutions team translates relevant sustainability data management requirements into efficient, effective tools. And overarching these disciplines, we engage our management systems expertise to integrate the many sustainability objectives clients may choose to address.

Climate change and energy management

Ramboll Environ has expertise across all interrelated disciplines critical to developing a broad-based, sustainable climate change and energy management programme. From strategy for supply to climate change mitigation, from regulatory compliance to reduction programmes, from sustainability disclosure to reporting excellence, we help clients meet business objectives by managing risks and realising business opportunities.

We have completed some of the most challenging carbon inventories in the world and applied engineering expertise to identify, develop and deploy emission-control strategies to reduce carbon footprints, at the operational and organisational level. We can optimise engagement in the carbon markets, and our management systems experts can integrate carbon and GHG management into everyday business operations.

Social accountability

Our social consulting services assist clients to assess and manage aspects related to external communities, stakeholders and project and contractor workforces. We advise developers and operators on achieving and sustaining compliance with relevant national and international regulatory frameworks, investor criteria and good practice benchmarks to successfully manage the social performance of the business. Social performance issues include engagement with stakeholders, labour conditions, welfare of indigenous peoples, land use and cultural heritage, and aspects of human rights such as gender equality, the use of security services and conflict management. We have conducted projects across industrial sectors including oil and gas, mining, power, infrastructure (including ports, airports, roadways and hotels) and renewable energy.

Sustainable supply chain

We couple sustainable supply chain expertise with management consulting services to bring an integrated approach to supply chain strategy and design, risk management, supplier selection, commodity management and supply chain related compliance and remedial processes. We build transparency for our clients by collecting and analysing sourcing data and providing a risk-based model for ongoing assessment of ethical and EHS criteria to ensure high profile reputational issues are avoided, and to help to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with trusted suppliers. Within the last decade we have been involved in more than 100 successful supply chain projects.

Corporate reporting and assurance

Internal and external business reporting needs continually evolve and rely upon the flow of good quality relevant information and data to answer to varying stakeholder needs and investor criteria. Reporting must be balanced, reflect company policy and position, and clearly link sustainability performance and progress with business strategy and objectives.

Ramboll Environ supports clients to identify what to report, what is material to investors and wider stakeholders, how to meet various disclosure criteria and how to demonstrate sustainability best practice. Our experts will clarify and simplify reporting to demands from regulations such as the EU Directive on non-financial disclosure, the UK mandatory GHG reporting requirements and the UK Modern Slavery Act and schemes such as the CDP, DJSI and the GRI framework, even the recently launched Sustainable Development Goals.

We can design and implement systems for the capture and collation of data/information, and build in ongoing implementation support that produces reliable and accurate information.

Our strong reputation in EHS and social issues, expertise in compliance auditing and global reach enables us to provide robust solutions for third-party verification and assurance. This ensures the reliability and accuracy of information and performance data to present a credible account of a responsible and sustainable approach to business. Gaining credibility through targeted assurance over governance, strategy, objectives and commitments, stakeholder engagement and overall response to challenges and expectations, enable our clients to build trust and reputation.