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Product Safety and Stewardship

Ramboll Environ helps clients understand and manage risks and compliance challenges associated with chemicals, formulations and manufactured products, such as consumer goods (toys, cosmetics), coatings and building materials, food and packaging, manufacturing intermediates and by-products from manufacture or breakdown in the environment. 
Product Safety and Stewardship

Building from our pioneering scientific approaches to risk assessment, we evaluate community, consumer, workplace and environmental exposures. Our expertise is underpinned by unparalleled experience working with diverse products across their entire life cycles and effectively communicating with different stakeholders.

Our support for clients includes:

Assistance with product registration and regulatory compliance under REACH and REACH-like programmes around the world and US federal and state programs (eg FIFRA, TSCA, GHS and FSMA).
Robust evaluations of potential alternatives to hazardous substances in order to help clients determine when and how they can optimally update ingredients and formulations and avoid unfortunate substitutions.
(Re)assessment of health impacts associated with substances across a range of relevant exposure concentrations.
Indoor and workplace evaluations for emissions and releases from products in use or in manufacturing.
Evaluating unanticipated supply chain events and managing recalls, responses and communication.
Developing strategic stewardship programmes to help optimise product sustainability and competitive advantage.
EU WEEE and RoHS2 Directive compliance assistance for electronics and other article manufacturing companies.

Changes in regulatory programs and product safety perceptions can create challenging situations. Unrecognised and unanticipated exposures from products/product ingredients can upend stewardship efforts. We develop solutions that span from updating formulations and supply chains to revising product uses and workplace practices to identifying optimal approaches to mitigate releases in the environment.

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