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Resource & Waste Management

Ramboll Environ helps private and public-sector clients define and achieve environmental and social best practices related to effective and efficient waste management. By creating solutions that take advantage of both new, innovative technologies and tried and tested solutions, we foster a culture of efficient resource management by promoting and delivering sustainable waste management practices.


Stricter waste management legislation, changes in tax regimes and an increasing onus on sustainable development and the circular economy have resulted in a number of varied challenges for appropriate and cost effective waste management.

In developing and implementing solutions to these challenges, it is imperative to recognise the relationships between effective waste management and sustainable management of resources: waste management practices that focus on reuse, recycling and recovery over disposal significantly reduce the demands made on other resources thus embracing the fundamental principles of sustainable development and the circular economy.

Drawing upon a multidisciplinary team of experts, Ramboll Environ applies specialist knowledge gained over more than four decades working with regulatory authorities, industrial customers and private and public organisations worldwide.

Proposed developments – planning stages

Assessment of wastes to be generated during construction and operation of a development
Development of outline operational waste management strategies and design for proposed schemes

Proposed developments – construction stages

Preparation and implementation of environmental management plans including waste management plans for both demolition and construction phases
Characterisation and classification of waste materials eg excavated soils
Facilitation of reuse of excavated soils via the CL:AIRE Code of Practice, including independent Qualified Person review and development of materials management plans

Organisations and operational sites

Auditing of wastes generated
Characterisation and classification of wastes
Product life cycle/stewardship evaluations
Assessment of by-products and advice on their reuse, recycling, recovery
Hazardous, radioactive and solid waste management
Development of operational waste management strategies to facilitate effective waste minimisation, reuse and recycling

Site closure/decommissioning

Auditing/assessment of wastes to be generated
Development and implementation of decommissioning waste management strategies
Development and implementation of decommissioning record and auditing system
Delivery of verification report confirming compliance with decommissioning waste management strategy

Waste management facilities

Masterplanning and strategy development
Conceptual and detailed planning, design, construction and advisory services on waste treatment and disposal facilities and operations
Landfill engineering
Landfill development and redevelopment
Operational assessment and environmental risk management (eg leachate management, emissions reduction by methane capture)
Closure assessments
Engineering design to facilitate closure and/or manage environmental risks (eg design of biocovers)

Regulatory compliance

Compliance auditing of waste related activities
Support in preparation and submission of applications for waste permits, licences, licence exemptions for waste-related activities
Liaison with regulators
Review of country-specific waste regulations (eg country to which a waste shipment will be sent)

We work closely with clients to establish project goals early so that subsequent activities are directed toward their efficient, environmentally sound and timely resolution. Our track record of combining our risk-based skills with technology know-how has established us as a premier consultant in this arena.

We have a thorough, working knowledge of environmental regulations and critical issues that impact costs, public image and liabilities. Bringing together our knowledge of waste management practices in a broad range of industry and manufacturing sectors with our expertise in engineering, technology, risk assessment, product stewardship and sustainability enables us to develop cost-effective and sustainable waste management strategies that meet regulatory requirements and support the protection of public health and the environment.

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