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Site Solutions

Ramboll’s engineers, geologists and scientists deliver value-added, site-specific solutions that address all aspects of managing the risks from contaminated land — from site investigation and feasibility studies to risk assessment, remediation design and implementation, and site redevelopment. 
Site Solutions

Ramboll Environ works with clients to manage the process of site closure planning, decommissioning, demolition, soil and groundwater remediation and environmental permit surrender. We have a long history of helping clients manage the risks associated with contaminated sites. Our strength in this field was enhanced when Ramboll joined forces with ENVIRON. Together, our strength lies in the depth of our technical expertise in environmental assessment and remediation, with a real appreciation of the commercial context.

Part of our global Site Solutions practice, we draw on multidisciplinary specialists throughout the world to provide solutions to many of our clients’ most challenging contaminated sites.

Environmental site assessment

We perform Phase I environmental site assessments on single properties to 1,000+ multi-site and international portfolios. Our Phase I assessments are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, be it for a planning application, company transaction, property due diligence or environmental permit application.

Site investigation

We harness a complete range of field techniques to identify the nature and extent of substances of potential concern in the environment and determine whether exposure or migration pathways are present. Our multi-disciplinary skills mean we can fully integrate geotechnical, mining and civil engineering assessments into our environmental site investigations.

Risk assessment

Ramboll is at the forefront of environmental, human health and ecological risk assessment. Our consultants advised the UK government on establishing safe criteria for human and ecological exposure to soil contamination. Our in-house experts in toxicology, ecotoxicology, hydrogeology and contaminant fate provide clients with definitive assessments of risk from chemical substances in the soil, sediment and water environments.


With world-class expertise in the remediation of soil, groundwater and sediment, our risk-based approach to remediation helps clients manage the complex interrelated issues that drive remedial decisions. We believe that remediation should be the last resort; it should be risk-based, sustainable and most importantly, cost effective. Through this innovative thinking, and by drawing upon our global expertise, we achieve the best outcome for our clients in the shortest timescale. We have full capabilities in the design, bench and field scale testing and implementation of in-situ and ex-situ remediation systems and work with many of the leading remediation contractors across the globe.

Site decommissioning and demolition

Closure of industrial facilities is a complex and highly regulated process. We work with clients to manage the process of site closure planning, decommissioning, demolition, soil and groundwater remediation and environmental permit surrender. We focus on understanding our clients’ commercial goals and provide support throughout the closure process. As a trusted advisor, a site project team member or as a turnkey project manager, our goal is to help our clients to exit the site with minimal residual environmental and safety liabilities.

Environmental data management

We use an array of sophisticated data management tools to efficiently manage and extract the most value from environmental data by selecting the most appropriate tool for each project. We regularly perform statistical analysis of contaminant concentrations, manage large spatial data sets in geographical information systems (GIS), model and visualise contaminant plumes and apply probabilistic modelling of remediation liabilities on multi-site portfolios.

Contract management

We provide construction management services including remediation, decommissioning, decontamination and demolition. Our experts assist in the preparation of specifications, manage the bidding process, negotiate and administer contracts, schedule construction, supervise implementation on site, and assure compliance with specifications, budget and schedule. We can provide these services in a traditional construction management role, in the role of designer/builder, or through turnkey delivery of an entire project.

Expert services

Ramboll has provided consulting services, expert testimony, strategic advice and technical litigation support to clients for over 30 years. We have worked on many seminal environmental, toxic tort and product liability cases. We recognise the importance of well-reasoned expert opinions based on defensible science, rigorous analysis and an intimate understanding of environmental practice, policy and regulation. We have prepared national guidance on asbestos in soil, environmental risk at petrol filling stations, baseline assessment under the Environmental Liability Directive and environmental recovery at major accident hazard sites.

Advisory Services

We are routinely commissioned to provide third-party verification and strategic advice on contaminated land assessment and remediation. This may be oversight of remedial work being performed by others, advice on environmental risk in property and company transactions, investments and project financing, or corporate environmental provisions and financial reporting. In every case it is the awareness of our client’s commercial goals and risks that enables us to provide focused and strategic advice.

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