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Management Consulting

Ramboll Management Consulting is rooted in the unique consultancy tradition in the Ramboll Group, built up over 60 years. With more than three decades of consulting experience we have helped our clients to excel, perform and deliver outstanding services to their clients. We carry out more than 700 projects on an annual basis across the globe, and take pride in our multi-cultural environment and approaches.

We have the expertise and powerful management tools to deliver efficient processes, improve business competitiveness and produce easy-to-measure results

We are, in many countries, a leading provider to public service agencies at central and local levels. In addition, we work with international organizations such as the European Commission, United Nations and the World Bank. We also work with a growing number of private businesses, not-for-profit agencies and advocacy groups.

Our 600 employees have a wide variety of educational and empirical backgrounds, and include political and business economists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, psychologists, engineers, MAs and computer scientists. Many of us are acknowledged experts in particular fields, such as health care, labour market, education, sustainability, IT, public administration and welfare policies.

Our areas of expertise cover:

•  Studies and evaluation
•  Economic models and services
•  Organizational change
•  Training and competency development
•  Strategy and business development
•  Management and efficiency
•  Project and program management
•  IT management and strategy


Markus Diederich
Managing Director, Management Consulting
T+45 51612647