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We deliver results-driven consulting based on evaluation, effect analysis and econometric modeling. With this approach we provide our customers with high quality service with value for money and efficient solutions. 

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A broad range of economic services      
Ramboll Management Consulting performs advanced economic analysis for the European Commission, ministries, municipalities, interest groups and corporations. We advise in areas regarding policy development, impact assessment, effective implementation and prioritisation.

An environment of methodologically strong economists 
Our team consists of professional and methodologically strong economists, who perform analysis with a socio-economic perspective. We perform pure economic analysis, and - depending on the context – integrate with other parts of the Ramboll Group, including our engineers or sector-specialised experts, to optimise our analysis knowledge base to gain the right results. 

Our core competencies are within econometric modelling and statistical analysis, and we have a broad knowledge of the most popular statistical software packages, including SAS and Stata. We also have specialists within various branches of economic science, including experimental economy, environmental economy, health care economy and public finance.

Our economic services include:

•  Econometric modelling  for both the public and the private sector
•  Socio-economic impact analysis at regional, national and international levels
•  Valuation and willingness-to-pay studies
•  Risk and sensitivity analysis
•  Efficiency analysis
•  Market research, comprising price and demand elasticity calculations
•  Data analysis (Eurostat, UN, World Bank, IDA, OIS, ad hoc surveys, etc.)


Henrik Stener Pedersen
Henrik Stener Pedersen
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