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Gas & LNG

Gas forms a substantial part of the energy mix that keeps modern society running. The gas market is subject to economic, public and political influences. Operators need to account for market fluctuation, price volatility, legislation, and political climate to find profitable and viable energy solutions. 

Four decades of oil and gas experience

Ramboll has serviced the oil and gas industry with multidisciplinary engineering services for several decades. Our advanced technical know-how and extensive consulting experience range from onshore and offshore gas production to infrastructure projects.

We design natural gas storage facilities and onshore gas transmission systems including terminals, pipelines and MR stations.

Natural Gas Storage

Our consultancy services within gas and LNG include:

Gas Distribution

Enabling informed decision-making

In addition to our engineering services, Ramboll performs comprehensive market analyses and feasibility studies for the gas sector that form the basis for our client’s decision-making on long-term strategic gas projects.

We closely follow developments in the gas market and actively embrace new trends as demonstrated by our specialisation in early-phase studies for LNG projects and our focus on unconventionals.

LNG Tank Ship

Servicing the entire LNG value chain

Ramboll offers comprehensive experience with LNG projects covering:

  • Site selection studies 
  • Separation and gas pre-treatment facilities 
  • LNG liquefaction, transport, storage and regasification facilities  
  • LNG port and marine facilities
  • Construction and commissioning management
Gas Storage

Unconventionals - shale gas

Ramboll has worked on shale oil and gas engineering projects in the US. Our expertise covers early and central production facilities, central gathering facilities and upstream facilities equipment additions.

Based on our civil engineering competencies, we are also able to address demographic and infrastructural challenges associated with shale gas exploration.

Eagle Ford Shale


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