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Manufacturers and operators of machines, cranes and lifting equipment for the offshore and onshore industry face jurisdictional and financial consequences if their products do not meet current regulations and standards. In the European market, the Machinery Directive regulations define the basic safety requirements for machines and lifting equipment. 
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Authorised Notified Body for the Machinery Directive regulations

As an authorised Notified Body in the Machinery Directive regulations, we have the competencies necessary to assist our clients in obtaining certifications for their products.

With our practical industry experience dating back to 1968, Ramboll has in-depth knowledge of past and current regulations. Our longstanding industry involvement coupled with the fact that we carry out design and calculation work for a number of fabricators in the oil and gas market, adds value to our work as a certifying agency.

Certification according to the Machinery Directive

As a government approved Notified Body, we offer EC type-examination for a range of lifting equipment, operator protection, and removable mechanical power transmission devices such as:

  • Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres
  • Removable electric power transmission devices
  • Guards for removable mechanical transmission devices
  • Roll-over protective structures (ROPS)
  • Falling-object protective structures (FOPS)
  • Vehicle servicing lifts

Enterprise of Competence for cranes and lifting equipment

Ramboll is also a government approved Enterprise of Competence for cranes and lifting equipment. In this capacity, we provide onshore and offshore certification according to relevant rules (NORSOK, DNV, ILO, ISO etc.), periodic control of cranes and lifting equipment, and third party design verifications. We also assist with preparing technical specifications and developing procedures and guidelines for cranes and lifting equipment.

CE-marking and risk assessment

In the fabrication process and for existing machinery, Ramboll supports clients with the CE-marking of machines and plants. We perform risk assessments according to the Machinery Directive and ISO NS-EN 12100, from the evaluation of machinery and production lines to entire industrial plants and fabrication yards.

Our additional services comprise:

  • CE-marking of machines and plants
  • Risk assessments for production lines and plants
  • Analyses of cranes, steel structures and other types of equipment
  • Design of cranes, steel structures and other types of equipment
  • Design verification incl. 3.party verification
  • Courses and training in governing rules, regulations and standards
  • Certification and periodic control of cranes and lifting equipment
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