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Cost estimation

Energy companies and operators need qualified cost estimation to move their projects from idea to realisation. The early project phases must not only scrutinise technically feasible options, but also produce reliable cost estimates. 

Cost estimation based on industry experience

With more than four decades’ of experience in engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry, Ramboll provides highly qualified cost estimation. Our cost estimates are applicable throughout the project life cycle from early conceptual and feasibility studies to final design solutions.

Based on information about field output or facility capacity, our specialists develop flow diagrams, concept layouts and master equipment lists and Material Take Offs (MTOs). To arrive at a probable cost estimate, the MTOs are multiplied by unit costs, which include procurement as well as installation costs.

Our services within cost estimation cover:

  • Cost estimation
  • Weight and cost estimation in WEPS
  • Cost and weight monitoring in MON
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial studies including cost benefit analyses and market reviews

Ramboll’s weight and cost estimation tool

For topsides projects on platforms, semi-submersibles and FPSOs, we recommend applying our advanced WEPS tool, which estimates topsides weights using extensive data from actual offshore projects.

Based on key data such as the forecasted oil and gas production for a field, the WEPS system estimates project-specific requirements such as equipment lists, area requirements, dry weights, costs, man hours, and rates. This data can provide weight and cost estimation with unsurpassed precision.

We track costs and weight throughout the design phases

As the project concept materialises into specifications, we keep track of topsides weights and distribution of weights through the supplementary MON tool. MON enables our clients to indirectly monitor and thereby prevent budget overruns and time delays.

We apply our cost estimation services for Energy & infrastructure consulting, Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Terminals, storage and pipelines and Gas & LNG.

Piranema cylindrical FPSO

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