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Technical safety & HSE

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are overriding considerations for all activities in the petroleum industry. Technical safety focuses on safety in design. Identifying and eliminating hazards in the design phase is often significantly more economical and practical than making changes later when hazards become real risks to people or assets. 
Risk and safety issues are a prime concern in the offshore industry. Ramboll offers a complete range of services within hazard management.

Proven technical safety and HSE expertise

Ramboll provides comprehensive engineering services within technical safety and HSE risk assessment. Drawing on four decades of industry experience, we combine a proactive and integrated multidisciplinary approach to create designs with a strong early-stage and continual focus on identifying and mitigating HSE risks.

Our expert team consists of specialists within technical safety, loss prevention, risk assessment, fire and explosion analysis, and HSE management. We have an excellent track record in the delivery of specialist expertise and consultancy at all project stages.

We are unique in being capable of analysing HSE risks and impacts in the same processes, using the same methodology.

Our services within technical safety and HSE cover:

  • Design HSE planning, design HSE risk management and HSE management systems
  • Consequence modelling and ALARP demonstration
  • Design HSE workshops (HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP, FMECA, etc.)
  • Specification of HSE barrier requirements and  HSE barrier performance standards
  • Safety philosophy, safety requirement specifications (SRS) and process shutdown philosophy
  • Area classification and safety plot plan drawings
  • Execution of working environment risk analysis and noise prediction
  • Design review and design verification

Brownfield modifications require special HSE focus

Ramboll is familiar with the particular challenges related to brownfield modifications and revamps of facilities in operation. The safety and integrity of the offshore/onshore installation is essential together with the safety of the personnel working at the installation.

Regulatory compliance and design verification

Based on our extensive technical safety and HSE expertise, Ramboll carries out third-party design verification to ensure that designs comply with codes, standards, and national safety requirements.

Due to our wide geographical presence, we have intimate knowledge of national and international codes and standards, regulatory frameworks and authority requirements.

We apply our technical safety & HSE services for Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Terminals, storage and pipelines and Gas & LNG.

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Expertise within NORM and environmental effects

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Minimising HSE impacts
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