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Terminals, storage and pipelines

A steady and secure energy supply is one of the cornerstones of modern society. This is of vital importance not only to energy companies but also governments and consumers. Pipelines, ports and terminals as well as gas storage and treatment facilities form key elements of the global energy infrastructure that make this possible. 

From oil and gas to civil engineering services

Ramboll has provided consultancy services to the midstream sector for years, and our solutions have evolved with the needs and challenges facing the industry. Our expertise ranges from onshore terminals to storage facilities, pipelines and metering and compressor stations.

With Ramboll’s expertise in ground engineering, ports & marine structures, road & motorway engineering and construction and contract management, we can also help connect terminals and storage facilities with traditional infrastructure.

Oil Terminal

Our services within terminals, storage and pipelines comprise:

Gas Pipeline

Natural gas storage and terminals

We have specialised in gas storage, and Ramboll has undertaken a significant number of large-scale gas storage projects from depleted oil/gas reservoirs to aquifer reservoirs and salt caverns. Our expertise also covers assessment of strategic gas storage requirements and development planning for storage facilities.

Moreover, our midstream experience also includes entire revamps of terminals and plants in operation. Our aim is to minimise down-time by integrating advanced techniques such as precision surveys and 3D scanning, which also serve to avoid geometrical flaws.

Gassco Emden

Onshore pipeline systems

Design of onshore pipelines systems, including compressor stations and MR stations, is part of our core competences. Pipeline system design requires careful planning to select the optimum pipeline route with regard to: overall length, right-of-way access, existing use of the land, population intensity and planning for existing infrastructure.

Pipeline under construction

Integrated risk and safety services

Risk and safety form an integrated part of our consultancy services. We perform comprehensive risk analyses and safety screenings on pipelines as well as new and existing facilities to ensure that all safety and environmental regulations are met.

Ramboll’s hallmark is an extensive track record with authority management and helping clients navigate the often costly, complex, and time-consuming process of obtaining permits and ensuring regulatory compliance with divergent HSE regimes.

Gas storage plant


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