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Ramboll is associated with some of the world's most respected, fully integrated infrastructure and transportation projects. We design bridges and roads in urban and rural, commercial, industrial, educational and residential contexts, together with landmark buildings for airports and railway stations.

Queensferry Crossing. Image courtesy of Transport Scotland, Photo: Bastian Kratzke

All-encompassing transport solutions

From feasibility studies, assessments and research, through planning and negotiations, to construction and operations, Ramboll provides unparalleled expertise in infrastructure and transportation projects.


Capability statement

Infrastructure & Transport capability statement
Infrastructure & Transport - engineering and consultancy services
We offer every service required for project development, design, completion, and maintenance in the transport area, with applied environment expertise.
Enabling sustainable mobility


Executive Director, Environment & Transport
T+44 20 7631 5291
Pat Jansen
Head of Transport
T+44 (0)23 8081 7500