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Bridge engineering

Ramboll has delivered world leading bridge projects all over the globe, from huge infrastructure schemes involving tunnels and long spans, to small footbridges and shared use crossings. We provide the design, civil and structural engineering, environmental and flood risk consultancy, construction sequencing and maintenance programmes for fixed spans and opening bridges, and road and rail schemes. 
Ramboll has completed numerous pedestrian, cycle, equestrian, rail and road bridges, often winning competitions and awards. Our bridges span rivers, roads, lakes, internal spaces and spaces between buildings. Many have become landmark structures.

The variety of our designs reveals the strength and consistency of our process — every bridge is a meticulously-wrought response to individual circumstances of location, material and usage. Our aesthetic demands that the experience of bridge users, the function and the appearance of the bridge are inextricably fused in the final design. Some of our apparently simplest results are also our proudest achievements.

In addition to the dialogue between architecture and engineering professionals in our team, we work closely with colleagues in transport planning and other departments to forge the optimum design for each context.

The specialist experience of the bridge design team further supports advances in structural design and analysis throughout the practice. For example, we use techniques developed through the process of bridge design to achieve neater, more robust solutions to the engineering of sculptures, special structures and high rise buildings. Much of our advanced modelling and analytical software is pioneered by the bridge design team.


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Steve Thompson
Director, Bridges
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