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Ground engineering

Ramboll offers a broad range of services in geotechnics, geophysics and rock engineering.
Ramboll assisted MCG on the design of Malmö City tunnel


Ramboll has many years' experience in geotechnics and foundation engineering, covering projects of all types and sizes - from individual houses to large bridges to off-shore oil platforms. We can manage projects through all phases, from planning, investigation, design and tender to implementation, inspection and supervision.

Our services include:

  • planning and interpretation of geotechnical investigations 
  • marine structures 
  • soil-structure interaction 
  • advanced modelling 
  • international geotechnics 
  • construction and infrastructure projects 
  • foundation design 
  • foundation reinforcement and renovation 
  • construction pits and retaining walls 
  • tieback anchors 
  • pile foundations and analyses 
  • slope stability and stability analyses 
  • earthquake engineering

We also carry out research and development projects that focus on environmentally sustainable solutions.
These include:

  • geotechnical, environmental and geo-radar tests in situ and in the laboratory 
  • stabilisation testing of soft materials such as peat, mud, silt, clay and sediment 
  • recipe development and R&D into new binder materials from industrial by-products 
  • renovating and improving road structures using recycled industrial by-products 
  • landfill construction and groundwater protection, built using recycled industrial by-products 
  • references from over 250 R&D projects on deep, mass and layer stabilisation


Geophysics deals with the physical properties of the earth and the atmosphere. Ramboll’s geophysics services apply science to various aspects of construction, such as buildings, groundwater protection, sustainability and marine work.

We are equipped to carry out almost any type of geophysical investigation, though particular we focus on:

  • seismic investigations of all kinds
  • borehole logging 
  • marine investigations
  • electric and electromagnetic investigations
  • ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • geodesy and geographical coordinate systems

Geophysical investigations are based on the analysis and interpretation of collected field measurements – so the quality of these measurements is crucial. Our technicians specialise in calibrating, maintaining and developing measuring equipment. Using our own equipment ensures that we have detailed knowledge of our tools, and that it is always in excellent working condition. We can also optimise measuring routines in a continuous process.

Rock engineering

Engineering geologists interpret observed and mapped geological data. They create conceptual models to illustrate the engineering-geological classification of each rock unit. Civil engineers use this data and interpretations to make crucial construction decisions. Our engineering geologists have years of experience with this process. We understand the geological and non-geological factors that can influence rock slope stability. So even though the factors may vary considerably in a given area, you can be sure you’ll get accurate results.

Our rock engineering services include:

  • definition of potential problems
  • quantification of input parameters
  • calculation and evaluation
  • risk assessment
  • design and analysis

Further information

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