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Masterplanning and urban development

As societies become increasingly aware of the need for coherent and sustainable living environments, effective urban planning and development has become a high priority. Ramboll’s broad ranging technical master planning services help develop urban areas in a holistic, integrated manner resulting in healthy, safe places in which people can thrive, communities can grow, and the environment can flourish. 

Realising complex urban systems

Communication and understanding of a wide range of disciplines is critical to successful master planning, which is why our ability to integrate specialisms is so appreciated by our customers.

We help customers to realise development potential, particularly in complex urban situations, and have deep knowledge of the constraints and opportunities involved. We identify key risks and advise on options for their mitigation. We provide the spectrum of knowledge required for the development of all kinds of urban, suburban, former industrial and greenfield areas. The realities of commercial feasibility are central to our consultancy.

Close coordination from concept to completion

We have a thorough understanding of all project stages involved from concept to completion — including infrastructure design, environmental and geotechnical assessment, legislative requirements, sustainable energy, transport planning and socioeconomic implications, planning strategy, phasing, and delivery.

Depending on the requirements of the project, relevant specialists are selected to work with an experienced master planning project manager, who takes responsibility for internal communication and is the primary point of contact between the multi-disciplinary Ramboll team and the architects, clients and stakeholders we work alongside. Our approach has proved successful when coordinating very specific types of expertise to provide a cohesive and comprehensive service.

Our known capability in the use of advanced modelling software and geographic information systems (GIS) aids both analysis of options and the communication of results.

Master planning experience

We have the ability to carry out any combination of master planning services from our multidisciplinary profile. Our experience includes sustainable master plans for regeneration of city centre areas, hospitals, colleges, airports, ports, golf courses, and luxury resorts - in both national and international settings.

In keeping with our philosophy, our master planning teams encourage the exchange of ideas between all disciplines involved to reach the most streamlined, cost-effective result, enabling us to meet the social, technical, environmental, and financial drivers of any project.

Sustainable approach to urban development and master planning

Sustainable development requires a fresh approach to master planning. This is achieved by removing existing preconceptions and managing the design process to combine innovative, practical, and economical drivers for holistic sustainable solutions. From the project inception through design development, we identify and develop key sustainability considerations in an interactive process with clients and design teams. Our approach to sustainable master planning promotes multidisciplinary work and close collaboration with specialist groups within Ramboll. This results in integrated strategies which respond to site opportunities, and offer innovation and exemplary sustainable design. Our input is applied and developed throughout the life cycle of the project. We aim at achieving truly sustainable development by promoting education and awareness alongside design solutions, to enable environmental best practices to become an integral part of new communities.

Ramboll has over 100 employees working within urban development and master planning, located in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the UK, India, and the Middle East.


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Planning and Urban Design Brochure 2017
We have proven competences in developing smart and sustainable urban areas having worked for several decades with the Nordic capital cities, which are internationally recognised as frontrunners in liveability. Our extensive portfolio includes urban development solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complex cities including Singapore, London, Berlin, New York, and Jeddah.
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