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Ports & marine structures

Ramboll is a leading provider of independent consultancy services for all aspects of port and marine structures and coastal projects, which are often highly complex and require a wide range of interrelated services. The depth of our multidisciplinary capabilities enables us to tackle projects of all sizes and complexities, from large-scale port planning to pier and jetty projects, roads and bridges in marine settings to coastal developments. 

A full range of services

Our specialist engineers and consultants provide a comprehensive range of services to clients in the ports, marine and maritime sectors. These clients include port authorities and operators, developers and investors, financial institutions and local government authorities. We have completed major port projects in the UK and Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia — with completed schemes in more than 35 countries.

We undertake large and small-scale projects, and apply our considerable experience and technical knowledge to all development phases, from planning and pre-feasibility studies to masterplanning, design, construction and asset management. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide all the expertise needed to realise complex programme life cycles.

As with all our work, a commitment to sustainability underpins what we do. Specifically, we provide expertise in the maintenance of healthy marine environments. Our specialists are experienced in shoreline management, coastal defence, marine ecology and flood protection.

We often partner with firms local to projects, working closely with them, sharing knowledge and learning about local conditions and economies. Through these partnerships, we ensure that solutions are effective and appropriate.

Key capabilities

Careful conceptual planning is essential to ensure facilities meet current needs while also allowing for future adaptation to suit changing requirements, particularly for large port projects. One of our particular strengths is the preparation of detailed feasibility studies that aid project conceptualisation in the critical early stages, when funding is often an important driver. Our feasibility studies have helped many clients secure finance for projects, notably from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

Asset management is another key Ramboll capability. We undertake site investigations — topographic, geotechnical and environmental — and structural condition surveys, for which we use our own diving engineers where needed. The resulting analyses are used as the basis for targeted refurbishment schemes to extend design life.

In the marine environment, where design life is typically no longer than 50 years, timing is everything — life spans may be extended at reasonable cost only if maintenance issues are identified in good time. Our consultants are sensitive to the commercial pressures clients face and we provide solutions designed to mitigate risk and meet budget constraints.


More information

Read our brochure about the services Ramboll offers within ports and marine engineering
Ports and marine engineering
The planning and design of port complexes requires a vast number of interrelated services. Ramboll provides all necessary services and will assist clients through all phases of a project.
Read ports and marine engineering brochure
Port Master Planning
Port Master Planning
Feasibility studies typically include technical investigations, traffic analyses, financial analyses and environmental impact analyses.
Port Master Planning (PDF)


Advanced design
Advanced design
Ramboll has through a various number of projects around the world gained wide experience with the design of advanced marine structures.
Advanced design (PDF)
Hydraulic Modelling
Hydraulic Modelling
Coastal and marine structures are subject to the changing meteorological and oceanographic conditions in terms of wind, waves, current and water levels.
Hydraulic Modelling (PDF)


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