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Risk and safety

Ramboll’s Risk & Safety consultancy is a leading provider of risk and safety analyses. Our analysis procedure describes and quantifies unforeseen events and models their probabilities and consequences — enabling us to mitigate risks and maximise safety throughout a project from instigation to decommissioning. We are experts in hazard management. 
AIS-registrations of ship traffic in Fehmarnbelt

Risk management techniques

Ramboll’s proven system of project risk management identifies, assesses and reduces the hazards at all stages of a project. We work with the client and project team to determine project risks relating to environmental factors, human safety, quality of work, time delays and additional costs. We eliminate high-risk items and monitor others throughout the project.

We use quantified risk analysis, which involves detailed modelling of event probabilities and consequences.

The technique covers the following areas:
• Bridges — ship collision, traffic and wind load modelling
• Tunnels — fires and explosions, evacuation, emergency planning
• Transport — railway safety, navigational risk, road and rail accidents
• Energy — human safety, availability, reliability
• Process plants — explosives (ATEX directives), land-use planning, authority approval, safety integrity level (SIL) requirements

Computational expertise

Ramboll Risk & Safety carries out advanced data evaluation and innovative mathematical modelling, as part of a risk analysis or as a separate service. To complement our in-house systems, we use state-of–the-art commercial software tools such as MatLab, @RISK and HUGIN.

We have developed a database system to accompany the risk management process. It establishes a project’s current risk status, and monitors the significance of identified risks and risk-reduction measures.

Ramboll has also devised the computer application RiskSim, based on Monte Carlo simulation, to provide risk profiles and sensitivity analyses for varying input parameters.

Our international team is acclaimed for building and analysing computational fluid dynamics models, often using the advanced computer simulation models ANSYS and CFX. The work encompasses projects relating to wind environment, wind/wave loading, indoor ventilation, fire and explosion.


RamRisk is a risk management tool for any type of project. With 24/7 online access you can manage your risks anytime and anywhere. RamRisk is developed and hosted by Ramboll.

Watch this video presenting the basic functionality of RamRisk. 


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Brochure: Designing the wind
Managing the wind

Wind is a determining factor in the outdoor environment. Ramboll Risk and Safety is a key player in estimating the wind challenges in a given situation.

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Brochure: Mitigating the risk in wind power
Managing the risks in wind power

The department of risk and safety in Ramboll specializes in all aspects of risk management in wind projects.

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Brochure: Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management

The department of risk and safety specializes in identifying the risk profile in major projects in order to mitigate the risk.

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