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Road & motorway engineering

Ramboll has the expertise to work across all aspects of a roads project, from strategic planning, route design, and feasibility studies, through to early concept and detailed design, design checks, specialist inputs and site supervision. We provide services spanning the whole life cycle of a project. 
A477 St Clears to Red Roses improvement road scheme. Ramboll

With decades of experience in the design, construction, management, and upgrading of roads, highways and motorways, Ramboll brings a deep understanding of the ever complex demands on modern day infrastructure projects. We appreciate how a road network fits into the broader infrastructure landscape and the impact on local and national economic, environmental and social prosperity.

We are known for providing holistic solutions that span concept through to completion, and asset management and overall programme management. Our expertise covers road and motorway engineering; structural, civil and bridge engineering; transport and urban planning; traffic engineering; environmental consultancy; ground, water and sewerage engineering; project management; construction management and monitoring; road asset management; gantry system design and visual communications; landscaping and lighting design; risk analysis; and site supervision.

Our expertise and services

Our approach to service delivery in this sector is to draw upon the considerable expertise available to provide a fully integrated service across all aspects of a roads project. To provide this integrated service, we call upon our team of experts highly experienced in the development and execution of all phases of projects, whether undertaken in the public or private sectors, which include:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy and planning
  • Environmental management
  • Ground engineering
  • Road engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Traffic engineering
  • Gantries and communications
  • Lighting design
  • Asset management

More information

Ramboll brochure 'Holistic delivery for roads' July 2016
Roads brochure
Ramboll brings decades of experience in the design, construction, management and upgrading of roads, highways and motorways.
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Andy Bell. Ramboll
Head of Highways & Infrastructure, South
T+44 23 8081 7500
Steve Chewins. Ramboll
Steve Chewins
Head of Highways & Infrastructure, North
T+44 1244 311 855