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Transport planning, traffic engineering and traffic safety

Transport planning can be a key to unlock the value of a site. Our specialists have a clear understanding of the interplay between public policy and project needs. We work with planners, developers, architects and operators to develop and negotiate appropriate solutions. 

Our transport planning team works with all modes of transport, including pedestrian, passenger and freight, by path, road, rail, air, sea and river.

Our work includes: 

  • Preparation of Transport Assessments
  • Appraisal and feasibility masterplanning
  • Planning and implementing public consultations
  • Traffic modelling
  • Planning negotiations
  • Delivery, waste and servicing strategies/plans
  • Construction Management Plans
  • Preparation of Travel Plans
  • Traffic engineering and public transport planning
  • Development control
  • Parking analysis, strategies and design
  • Transport policy assessments
  • Access strategies
  • Transport research
  • GIS spatial analysis
  • Pedestrian and Environmental Review System (PERS) Audits

Through our research, we aim to contribute to the development of public policy in transport and the environment — for central and local government — focusing on the integration of land use and transport services.


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