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Cut and cover tunnels


Ramboll’s cut and cover tunnelling design techniques have been developed using proven engineering expertise and our wide range of related in-house skills. We were the first to design Danish cut and cover tunnels in accordance with EU Directive 2004/54/EC on road tunnel safety.

Shallow tunnels

Cut and cover tunnels are constructed most often at relatively shallow depth. Ramboll’s design methodology here benefits from our complementary services such as ground engineering, soil and groundwater, and fire and safety engineering.

Our designs for the cut and cover tunnels at Marselis Boulevard, Aarhus, and the Nordhavnsvej (Northern Harbour Link), Copenhagen, were the first in Denmark to comply with the road tunnel safety regulations of EU Directive 2004/54/EC. Nordhavnsvej is Copenhagen’s largest road construction project since the 1960s.

Large covered spaces

Ramboll develops innovative structural solutions to adapt the cut and cover technique for building large, but enclosed, spaces such as those found in modern underground metro stations or services depots.
We used prestressed and post-tensioned concrete for the 1.5km truck and services tunnel under a retail complex at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Its multi-level box is constructed in open cut.


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