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Ramboll has wide-ranging experience in all types of soft ground tunnelling, designing tunnels for many different purposes. We often work in sensitive urban environments, where settlement as a result of tunnelling through soft ground would be a major concern. We understand that each tunnel is uniquely important to the client.

A range of techniques

Ramboll’s tunnel engineers are skilled in using a comprehensive variety of techniques from tunnel boring machines (TBMs) with segmental linings to sprayed concrete linings (SCL), also known as the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM), applied to pre-excavated tunnels.

We were involved in the design of a large diameter bored tunnel in the Nordhavn (North Harbour) area of Copenhagen, and had to choose between using an earth pressure balance or a slurry shield TBM.

For projects in areas of specific sensitivity — whether physical or political — we use our experience to prepare impact assessment studies. An example is the urban Crossrail project in London, routed through areas of potential ground movement.

Tunnels large and small

Tunnels come in all shapes and sizes. Ramboll is concerned with the design of tunnels large and small, especially in Denmark.

On the macro scale, our team of experts worked on the cut and cover road tunnels of Nordhavnsvej in Copenhagen and Marselis Boulevard in Aarhus, and the bored tunnel of Nordhavnen Metro in Copenhagen. At the other end of the spectrum, we are involved in a micro-tunnelling project at Hvidovre.


Nordhavnsvej – Copenhagen Municipality

Nordhavnsvej – the largest road construction project in Copenhagen in 50 years

The project for “Nordhavnsvej” is the first stage of a new road to Copenhagen’s Nordhavn (North Harbour). Nordhavn is an old industrial and port area, planned to be developed into a new urban area in the north-eastern part of Copenhagen. When fully developed, the urban area is planned for 40,000 residents and 40,000 workplaces.

Marselis Aarhus

Tunnel under Marselis Boulevard

The project consists of a 1.8 kilometre cut and cover tunnel, consisting of mechanical and electrical  installations, several road and railway bridges (including railway bridges at Langenæs, Åhavevej and Viby Ringgade), and all temporary structures.

Orientkaj Station will be one of the new metro stations in Nordhavnen

Nordhavn Metro Extension

Ramboll, in a joint venture with Arup and with architectural firm COBE as sub-consultant, is the planning advisor for the Nordhavnen Metro extension in central Copenhagen.

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