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Tunnel safety


At Ramboll, we are continually upgrading the services we provide to ensure tunnel safety. This is in response to the growing emphasis that has been put on safety in tunnels over recent years, to comply with the consequent changes to international safety standards.

Our tunnel safety services

Upgrading our services enables us to provide the latest knowledge on tunnel safety to both our clients and our tunnel engineers.

Ramboll’s services in the tunnel safety sector include:

•  Ventilation requirements for air quality and safety
•  Evaluation of fire fighting access into and within tunnels
•  Simulation of the conditions that can be expected during a fire
•  Investigation of fire and smoke spread
•  Evacuation modelling
•  Risk analysis

Bringing together the results of conditions anticipated during a fire, the fire and smoke spread, the evacuation modelling and escape planning gives a dataset that can be used as input for the overall risk analysis.


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Stephen Whitham
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Richard Miller
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