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Ramboll is a world leader providing planning and implementation services for climate adaptation and flood risk management. We serve the public and private sectors at regional, national and local levels. We help clients quantify the financial implications of climate change and find alternative solutions for the consequences.



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Adapting to climate change

It is generally accepted that global warming will lead to a rise in global sea level, increasing the risk of flooding in low-lying coastal regions. An increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather patterns will further increase this risk, contributing to flooding from rivers and urban drainage systems. These challenges call for adaptive measures in river basin management, water supply, storm and wastewater management and agriculture, to name just a few.

Our experience in modelling and risk assessment of flooding enables our clients to make informed decisions about future investments. Environmentally and financially sustainable solutions rely on an evaluation of flood risk and costs for climate adaptation. Investment in climate-adapted buildings and infrastructure can help to safeguard standards of living and can avoid undesirable human and material costs from extreme weather and flooding.

Flood risk planning and assessment

Clients rely on us to assess flood risk and assist schemes in obtaining planning, gaining sustainability credits or assessing how resilient their assets need to be in the future. Our services include flood risk assessment (FRA), management and planning from catchment to development scale. We provide option appraisals and assessments of flood defence measures, as well as considering residual flood risk, evacuation strategies, flood compensation schemes and flood resilience designs.

An integrated service

Ramboll's flood risk management and climate adaptation teams offer high quality integrated services for all stages of a project — from initial studies and options appraisals to cost-effective design solutions, regulatory approvals and ongoing assessment after completion. We assess flooding potential from all sources.

Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of how flooding can affect a development and we clearly communicate flood risks to clients and project design team members. This ensures that flood risks are fully understood, assessed and appropriately mitigated, and that the full potential of a site is maximised.

Our clients include cities, utility companies, developers, private land owners, property managers, investors and insurers. We provide services to governmental environment agencies and to local authorities and county councils.

Our services include:

Acquisition and feasibility

  • Hydrological assessment and surveys
  • Due diligence studies, master planning and site proposals
  • 1D/2D hydraulic modelling, and floodplain mapping
  • Flood estimation, screenings and flood defence appraisal
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Cost benefit analyses

Socio-economic calculations

  • Breach assessment
  • Planning and design
  • Planning advice, regulatory approvals, the discharge of planning conditions
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Sustainable urban districts planning DGNB, LEED etc
  • Drainage assessment and sewer modelling
  • Sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) design
  • Flood defences design
  • Flood alleviation schemes
  • Strategic master plans and investment planning

Construction and operation

  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Contract documentation, specification and project management
  • Environment Agency permits, consents and licenses
  • Site supervision and temporary works consents
  • Flood warning and evacuation plans
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals

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Meridian Water masterplan

The Meridian Water project is one of the largest housing developments in London and the UK and will see up to 10,000 homes constructed over the next 20 years on an 85 hectare brownfield site.

Cathedral Bridge

Cathedral Bridge flood risk assessment

In 2009, Ramboll's bridge engineers completed an award-winning cable-stayed swing footbridge that links parts of Derby with the city's Cathedral Gardens across the River Derwent. The site is a designated Category 3 Flood Zone and the river flows swiftly at the crossing point. Our environmental consultants undertook a flood risk assessment early on in the design process, which informed the design and beacme part of the planning application.

The assessment began with a site survey. Contact was made with the government's Environment Agency and other relevant parties to establish historical flood activity in the locale. The main issues identified for consideration were flood plain compensation, water flow affects that may result from construction of the proposed bridge, and the ongoi ...

Irwell City Park - Flooding and Hydrology

Regeneration project provides opportunity to improve water quality and aquatic ecology in River Irwell.

Highways England sustainability advice

Ramboll has been working with Highways England for more than 10 years on sustainability and environmental performance improvement. Tasks have addressed carbon, climate change, sustainability reporting, noise, air quality, water quality, flooding, biodiversity and heritage.

St. Jørgens sø in Copenhagen

Cloudburst Concretisation Masterplan

On 2 July, 2011 large areas of the city of Copenhagen were flooded. Copenhagen is on the front line of climate change, experiencing increasingly heavy rain events, as they are also on the leading edge of urban innovation with a vision of transforming their city into a sustainable, C02 neutral city by 2025.

Flood-risk management and coastal protection at Buzzard Point, Washington DC

Flood-risk management and coastal protection at Buzzard Point, Washington DC

Ramboll has been assisting the Department of Energy and Environment in assessing the effect of flooding from the large Potomac River, that flows though the city centre, in terms of rising sea level and storm surges, as well as extreme rainfall.

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